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Marvelous Travel

Marvelous Travel is an European full service agency specializes in all kinds of travel services all over the world. Our travel agent team operates on the ground in Egypt, guaranteeing exceptional service and support for all your travel needs.

European Company Registration: Gobran Group OÜ
Registry Code: 16557743
Trademark: Marvelous Travel
Operating as Travel Undertaking License No. TRE001034
VAT No. EE102581485

Inspired & Passionate Travelers

Marvelous Travel was founded in 2005 as a full-service travel agency that specializes in leisure travel and provides recreational and business travelers with professional services and consultations, and has positioned itself as a specialist in the leisure travel industry and generate the majority of its income from it.

Journeys Worth Taking

Marvelous Travel was founded and measured its success based on travelers’ experience which we reach by delivering all safety and security as well as expert Local guidance and share different cultures, history and beauty through mutual languages by our multilingual team. Marvelous offers Best price, Travelling experience, Safety, Guidance and unforgettable experience to its traveler.

Why Choose Marvelous?

We Speak Your Language

A multilingual Team at your disposition for reply to all your question in different languages English, Spanish, French, and more.

High Quality Service

We do believe honestly that quality should come first and quantity would come later and our main objective focused on “Quality is our Top Priority”.

Your Safety and Security

A professional will accompany the guests to all of the places; they will never be left alone to fend for themselves.

Legal Info:

Marvelous Egypt Travel Company Commercial Record No.
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Marvelous Travel European Company Registration:
Marvelous Travel
Operating as Travel Undertaking License No.
VAT No. EE102581485
Administrative Office:
Permitted Activities as Stated in the License:
1. Organization of packages which include travel services provided in all over the world.
2. Intermediation of packages combined by a travel undertaking of all over the world.
3. Tour operator activities.
4. Travel agency activities.
5. Other travel services.
6. Offer of linked travel arrangements which include travel services and facilitation of entry into contracts.
7. Company may do all other business activities that are not forbidden by law.

In partnership with Médias France

DOSSIER OF 2.09.2019

Founded in 2005 by Mr. Shafek Gobran, Marvelous Egypt Travel agency specializes in private travel, as a couple, with friends, with family or in selected groups. Driven by an infinite passion, the agency has weathered periods of political turmoil and continues to offer its clients unforgettable experiences, the utmost rigor, and the best comfort.
From the arrival of travelers at the airport in Egypt until their departure, everything is organized from A to Z, with great attention to detail and a keen sense of service. Member of the Association of Egyptian Travel Agencies (ETAA) and the American Society of Travel Agency (ASTA), ranked A in 2009, the agency provides security, comfort, and originality, and covers the entire territory of Egypt and all the extent of its treasures and its riches: its breathtaking landscapes, its architectural and civilizational heritage, Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Sharm El Sheikh, Marsa Alam, Dahab.. The catalog of destinations is very dense and can be adjusted according to individual wishes, and conditions, as the agency ensures that only excursions that meet safety requirements are offered.
In love with his country and with more than 20 years of experience in Egyptian tourism, Gobran is driven by a strong desire to transmit and share. The team strives to turn any starting budget into a dream trip, thanks to strong partnerships and preferential rates with hotels, cruise ships, transport companies, multilingual Egyptologist guides. She offers à la carte activities, according to everyone’s tastes, and always makes sure to add that little extra touch that will make the trip a trip like no other. The stays offered online are indicative and can be personalized as desired, both for the duration of the stay and for the choice of destinations, routes and activities.
In direct contact with travelers, the agency is available at any time to prepare for the trip in advance and to answer questions once there. “We are a small company, but we carry the requirement of a meticulous service to the highest point”, confides Shafek Gobran, “We treat travelers like our own family, and we have an immeasurable love for what we do” . With stars in his eyes, Mr. Gobran tells us about his plans for the future of the agency: homemade, innovative cruises that combine luxury and authenticity. Marvelous Egypt Travel customers include many worldwide travelers, who can count on assistance in their native language.

Our Wall of Trust

John Steven and Madison Matthew

"We have adored and Great trip, a top guide from the top, superb cruise, good organization, well done to the entire Marvelous team! Good day."

Gabriel Eugene Group

"We traveled as a family, there were 6 of us and the Marvelous agency lived up to our expectations: it was PERFECT. The guides and drivers were available and extremely friendly and knowledgeable. All the visits were made without any problem. Thank you for this great organization."

Albert Philip Group

"Thank you Marvelous Egypt Travel for this wonderful family trip. We particularly appreciated your flawless organization. Our 2 guides, Karam and Mostafa, very professional and attentive, also made this stay unforgettable."

Gabrielle and Michel Charles

"We had a very, very nice trip, thanks in part to your help and organization Marvelous, and saw what we wanted to see. good choice of guides, knowledgeable, Ali even superior. we are happy with almost all of the tours we have done, some more wonderful than others. you were right to take a little felucca cruise, it was very pleasant. Abydos and Denderah are well worth the detour, Ay's tomb too. We will be sure to recommend you to our friends. Greetings."

James William and Mia Joseph

"First of all, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year, full of Health, Happiness, and flourishing tourism in Egypt. I'm taking the time to write to you to express our great satisfaction at having done business with you for our trip to Egypt. So, we want to thank you Céline, for being always present and quick in your answers, during the organization of our trip, as well as your patience to make the changes in order to finalize our itinerary. We also want to thank all the staff who were made available to us. Thus, the logistics of our trips organized by Amira were remarkable. The drivers and escorts have always been punctual, patient despite the chaotic driving in Cairo and also during long journeys, and taking special care not to manhandle us during the many backs on the roads. They have always supervised us very well both during receptions and departures. At all times we felt very safe. The guides all spoke excellent American accent, were knowledgeable, generous with their time, and gave us very detailed explanations. In short, real professionals. You yourself Celine, Amira, and all of your team members have been lovely and you have done a great deal to make our stay in Egypt one in Wonderful Egypt. You live up to your name, and we will highly recommend you, as we have already done 2 times, to all those who are interested in visiting this unique country in its magnificence. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you again when our paths cross again."

Charles Ronald

"We are absolutely delighted with our stay and thank you for the almost flawless organization. We had an unforgettable week. And will recommend your agency around us. We dealt with knowledgeable, qualified, friendly, and punctual guides and drivers. The Nile cruise aboard the MS premium was simply fantastic. The boat, the rooms, the service, the staff, the food: everything was perfect! The Meridien Hotel was also very good: an excellent establishment. That you can recommend. I wanted to salute the excellent level and kindness of our guide Walid, in Cairo and Saqqarah: impeccable French, great competence, the concern to make us discover the daily life of Egyptians, a lot of thoughtfulness. real happiness! Our other guide Ali, with whom we spent most of our stay, from Luxor to Aswan, was really friendly and couldn't do enough for us, his contagious good humor, his seriousness, his competence, and his kindness: my 13-year-old son loved him! A magnificent country, sumptuous treasures, unforgettable experiences (the dromedary, the felucca...) beautiful encounters, a well-established organization, and exceptional travel conditions make this trip a magnificent memory for the four of us! Have a good season and good luck! Kind regards."

Gallien Bruno

"Very interesting trip, very nice, very well organized by Marvelous Egypt. Very reassuring daily monitoring."

Nicole, Sofia, Joe, and Paul Raymond

"The discovery of sprawling Cairo was a very surprising moment! Impressive traffic rules, ubiquitous horns until late at night. The nights on the train were folkloristic but to experience at least once. We are very very very satisfied with our trip which was very informative with competent guides, very punctual in the meetings and friendly. The cruise on the Nile, with visits to the various sites, was very pleasant, the food good, varied, and plentiful. Our navigation on Lake Nasser also took place in the best conditions and Abu Simbel was a marvel to discover, the return by car through the desert was a total change of scenery for us. We also thank you for the preparation of the trip that we made together, which gave an excellent result, we will highly recommend your agency. Thanks again!"

Tyler Henry group

"We really have to thank you for allowing us to have such a wonderful trip. We were so anxious before leaving, in particular, because of the alarmist comments that I read on certain forums. And we worried about NOTHING. Because the Egyptian people are absolutely adorable. We really lived an Incredible human adventure. We thank you Céline for having developed this circuit with us, respecting our desires, our accommodation, our budget. We really have the impression that we worked hand in hand to establish this Course. The guides were all perfect, friendly, considerate, serious, We felt safe, supervised, and guided with kindness and devotion. Special mention to your driver Abdullah as well as to the Egyptologist Hamden who followed us over 3 days during the cruise. Thank you again for your wonderful work! Best regards."

Juan Roy Group

"Excellent organization, punctuality of guides, and drivers. We liked the different means of transport, car, boat, and train. We enjoyed the local restaurants. We highly recommend Marvelous Egypt."

Russell and Wayne Louis Group

"We traveled as a family, there were 6 of us and the Marvelous agency lived up to our expectations: it was perfect. The guides and drivers were available and extremely friendly and knowledgeable. All the visits were made without any problem. Thank you Marvelous, Truly recommend this great organization."

Lorine Pascal

"I wanted to share with you our total satisfaction regarding our stay in Cairo organized by your agency. The proposed circuit (including El Fayoum) was great and the visit conditions excellent. A big thank you to guide Walid for his knowledge of ancient Egypt, his kindness and good humor as well as to the driver who is always available and smiling."

Louise, Glenn, and Camila Hewus

"We will keep so many fond memories of Egypt and encourage many people to visit your country. This is thanks in large part to the professionalism of your team members and the care you show towards your clients. I know I was very particular about punctuality but that was really due to the fact that this was the first time I had done business with a foreign travel agency by email and that was reflected in my expectations. However from the moment we were greeted we felt safe and greatly appreciated the panoply of knowledge that our personal guide Mohamed shared with us during the Nile cruise. We also liked the ship you recommended. The service was impeccable and the food very good and diverse. Thank you warmly and we look forward to returning to the land of the pharaohs!"

Annie Johnny and Patrice Roland

"Our tour in Egypt ended, our return trip went well and we arrived this morning in New York with fond memories of the wonderful sites visited and the beautiful people who accompanied us. We renew our thanks to Mustapha, Shadia, and Rehab for their explanations, and give a special mention to Karam for his constant attentions. Thank you Celine for your listening, your concern for the satisfaction of our wishes, and the quality of our exchanges.:

Marie Russell

"We haven't had the time to get back to you since this wonderful trip! It was a bit difficult to come back to daily life! We were delighted with the stay, very competent, friendly, very helpful guides (Walid in Cairo and Tarek in upper Egypt), this trip will remain engraved in us! friends want your agency contact details! I hope this will happen! Thanks again."

Evelyn and Patrick Terry

"Our trip went excellently. Everything was perfect: the guides, the organization, the boat, etc... We were treated to a suite on the boat (Le Nile Style): what luck! we have not been sick, the bottled water is well managed. Gluten-free was included, and I was treated to some great food (including breakfast and takeout). The Kempinski is an excellent hotel (room, bottles of water, services). Transfers and domestic flights went very well. Sincerely."

Austin and Penelope William

"A big THANK YOU to you and to the entire Egyptian team, including Ibrahim, Abdou, the efficient driver in Cairo, who helped us avoid many accidents. Ayman very good guide and very attentive who made us discover Cairo and Alexandria. Many thanks to Karam with whom we were able to discover the Egyptian treasures INCHALLAH and many other things such as Egyptian spices and INCHALLAH essences. Without forgetting your assistant who was efficient when we arrived in Alexandria. We will not hesitate to recommend you."

Sean and Evelyn Lawrence

"had a wonderful trip thanks to you. Everything was perfect (tours, hotels, boats, restaurants, and transport). We will not hesitate to recommend you to our family and friends as we have been satisfied beyond our expectations. Many thanks for making this trip perfect. Regarding the guides, we had a clear preference for Dina in Cairo. We felt that she was passionate about her job and she was fascinating. We especially appreciated the parallels she could draw between ancient history and the present history of Egypt. Before the souk tour, she gave us a price range for daily goods and gifts, which made it easier for us to negotiate. In short, Dina knew how to captivate us thanks to her knowledge, her kindness, and her attention. We wish you a very good continuation and see you soon."

Catherine and Eric Willie

"We would like to thank Céline for organizing our trip. I told her about our visit wishes and everything was done as we wished. We discovered Egypt with wonderful guides, Karam and Salwa, each his own style which allowed us to have different points of view: fascinating and educational, speed, calm. The experience of the oasis of Fayoum was wonderful, It was very reassuring. We left August 11-20 and the heat neither surprised nor disappointed us! We have seen a lot, there is still so much to discover but the world is vast. In any case, we have already recommended Celine's services to friends."

Suzan and Freddy Billy

"We are back a long time ago! We would like to thank you for the good organization of our trip to Egypt. We had a great time. We appreciated your good organization and your responsiveness, following the flight delays. Also, our guide Ragad Hommos who was very welcoming and professional. The Marriot hotel in Hurgada is great and met our expectations. Maybe we will come back when it gets too cold at home! Receive our cordial greetings."

Arthur and Sofia Eugene

"We have returned a week from this beautiful trip to Egypt. We were amazed and despite the heat of June, we took advantage of it. We will keep very good memories of this trip with strong moments, such as the flight over Luxor in a hot air balloon for example. A well-prepared trip by email and in English with Céline, with competent and friendly guides, Mona and Karam with whom we stayed in contact. We will return to Egypt with you and we will not hesitate to give the contact details of the agency to our acquaintances who want to discover this beautiful country. Thank you for everything."

Richard Christopher Group

"We have just returned from 5 full days spent in Cairo and the pyramids. We had prepared the places to visit according to the Routard guide then the agency to correct, adapt our wishes with reality, availability, security. An excellent service, private driver, and an extraordinary guide, fluent in English who was able to help us discover Egyptian, whether contemporary or centuries old. We wanted a stay of discovery of course but above all of understanding the country and the people by visiting places rather neglected by the usual tourist. The objective has been fully achieved. I recommend without reservation."

Barbara Saquet

"We traveled with the family at the beginning of January Céline from the agency organized a magnificent à la carte trip for us where all our requests were met. Perfect organization and optimal support with top-quality guides and always a lot of kindness from the entire Marvelous Egypt team, and during the stay we stayed in touch with Celine for our questions. Thanks thanks thanks! we recommend this very serious agency and we will come back to this beautiful country very soon. We strongly encourage people to choose this magical destination again (for us the 3rd time including the last 2 recent 3 years apart)."

Charles Christopher family

"Back from our fabulous family trip, I wanted to congratulate you on the organization and the quality of your services. You have been able to adapt to our needs and on-site, with no missteps. Well done! Special mention for Emad, our guide during the cruise, professional, available, competent, and who knew how to find the right tone and the right distance with us. I highly recommend it."

Karen, Sandra, Donald, and Jean

"I left with my parents over 70 for a week of a fabulous trip starting with a cruise on the Nile (with a private guide), then 2 days in Cairo for the Pyramids and the museum (another private guide). The extremely well-organized trip by the agency! Very friendly and competent guides, very flexible, with schedules, always respected. There was no hitch! In addition, Céline responded very quickly to all my questions by email before the trip. A big BRAVO to this agency!"

Dorane Dubois

"I've been planning this trip for a while (almost 2 years) with Celine one of the managers of Marvelous travel agency, and we finally made it. This trip was amazing and unforgettable. Egypt is such a great country and Egyptian people are so kind and welcoming. Cairo city, the great pyramids of Giza, Luxor Temples, Abu Simbel Temples, Aswan and the Nile cruise, etc. Every place I visited was exceptional. My guides Mahmoud and Hamed were perfect: very professional and friendly. I can only recommend if you want to have a memorable trip to come and visit Egypt and if you can do it with Marvelous it's a plus. I had chosen 10 days 9 nights on demand trip with luxury hotels and I didn't regret it. Don't miss (if you can afford it) the Old Cataract hotels in Aswan."

Claire, David, Sibylle and Yasmine Descamps

"Notre voyage s'est très bien passé et nous avons été ravis. Notre guide était parfait, de très grandes connaissances dans l'histoire de votre pays et une maîtrise parfaite du français. Merci encore, nous n'hésiterons pas à recommander votre agence."

John Matthew and Nancy Anthony

"Your agency is aptly named, we had a wonderful holiday and a very big thank you to the driver. Thank you and have another opportunity."

Lisa and Amanda Berger

"Bravo for your organization and your program. Our guides Osama and Ahmed have admirably made us discover the history of your country through the various visits and we were a very pleasant company. We will warmly recommend your country and company."

Alain, Chantal, Alexandre, Clément, Philippe, Dorothy, George, Adèle, Louise, Clara, Baptiste and Jacob

"10 days for a group on a private trip to discover Egypt, with a cruise on the Nile, the perfect organization carried out by English-speaking Céline with whom we had great contact. VIP support from start to finish with lovely drivers. 2 English-speaking Egyptologist guides Walid 2 days, adorable and attentive that we would have liked to know better and in Upper Egypt with Karam 8 days with who spent unforgettable moments, his kindness, his personality, his flexibility, and his professionalism made how we have become attached to him, we already miss him! Wonderful Egypt, thank you again for organizing it was great. We recommend the agency to all my friends."

Deborah, Laura, Dorothy, Brian Scott

"We will keep fond memories of our trip to Egypt. The tour went very well, the welcome was perfect at all levels, guides, drivers, visas, hotel, and airport transfers, etc... We thank our 2 guides who were good guides and taught us a lot about ''Egyptian Pharaonic'' history. I give your contact details to colleagues who would be interested in a trip to Egypt. Thanks again."

Denis and Janet Raymond Family

"Indeed we really enjoyed this trip to the land of the Pharaohs thanks to your agency and the very "private" conditions which is a good concept. Mohamed the guide in Cairo was very interesting and had an excellent erudition and shared with us his knowledge and his great interest in this absolutely magnificent ancient period. Abdou the driver was very warm with us, serious behind the wheel in view of the traffic in Cairo. Excellent trip thanks to you. Sincerely yours."

Hebert Group

"10 days on a private trip to discover Egypt, worry-free with the perfect organization carried out upstream by Céline, our English-speaking contact since the first contact, and the Marvelous Egypt agency's wonderful team. Sufficient flexibility, however, to accommodate small changes or supplements that arose during our stay. Truly VIP and end-to-end support by people who are always smiling, competent and available. Quality English-speaking Egyptologist guides, especially in Cairo with Mohamed, but also in Upper Egypt with Ahmed, and who made all our visits fascinating. Top-of-the-range accommodation, especially in Aswan (the Old Cataract hotel, a marvel) and in Luxor (mythical Hotel Winter Palace). We loved the Valley of the Kings so much that we went there twice and visited seven tombs in all. Thank you to Marvelous Egypt for its organization and logistics, which allowed us to make the most of this stay. Everything was flawless. We highly recommend this agency!!"

Roger, Olivia, and Hannah

"We are very satisfied with our trip: very good responsiveness and arrangement on your part - very good reception and assistance at the airport, very good logistics - perfect guide. Ayman, very friendly, very kind, speaking English very well and with very great knowledge of Egyptology and Islamic and Coptic Cairo. We appreciated all his explanations; we will recommend your agency to our friends."

Judith and Jacqueline

"We came back well from our trip and were caught up in our daily life which quickly regained its rights... Here is a little decent feedback from our trip: We were delighted by it. First of all, because we have finally made our childhood dreams come true. We were enchanted by all the Egyptian heritage, the fabulous landscapes, and the grandeur of the monuments. Secondly, because you have allowed us to travel in particularly comfortable conditions. Our guides, always attentive to our needs, perfectly orchestrated our days and seemed happy to pass on their knowledge and explain the local ways of life to us. What moments of reciprocal sharing! We retain the magic of the pyramids, of the Nile and its wonders, of the Valley of the Kings, and of our tête-à-tête with Tutankhamun... Sure, a next visit is needed with another program. Thank you again for all this organization and also for all the responsiveness you have personally shown. We are convinced that this contributed to the magic of this vacation. Yours truly."

Guillemette, Olivier, Liliane and Eliot Bosch

"We returned to the United States well and the stays in Egypt went very well. Our programs are very correct and consistent with the order of history: Cairo, cruise, and Cairo. The visits to temples and pyramids with your guides (Momo, Karam, and Jiji) are interesting and my little ones enjoyed it very well despite their fatigue. They even learned the handwriting of the Pharaonic Empire, to draw when returning to the hotel. Satisfactions: fulfilling visits and great guides - English-speaking guides very attentive to communication with the deaf - great cruise: navigation, stopovers, meals, swimming pool - stroll (shopping) in the city center with the driver in a very pleasant shirt (last day) - a real treat these visits Highlights: - falls after the visit of Saqqara with very interesting Momo (2nd day) (Guillemette and Olivier) - temples of Karnak and Luxor separated by the path of 3 km of ram statues (Olivier) - valley des Rois (Guillemette and Liliane) - sphinx (Eliot) - lunch of the 2nd day (family) - unforgettable stays On the day we went to board the hot air balloon, we met a private group of 4 deaf Hong Kongers with an Egyptian deaf guide. They got into the same hot air balloon as us! We thank you very much, to you, your team, and your guides for your precious organization, hats off! We do not hesitate to recommend your reputation to our friends and family."

Chantal and Jacques Vincent

"Thank you Marvelous, Thanks to the driver and guide, as well as to all the team who put themselves at our service and allowed us to discover this wonderful country. Even if for us it was the 3rd time, there is always to discover. Egypt today is not the same as it was 15 or 8 years ago. We still have things to discover there."